PeaceHealth talk, Duck sports questions and more in Slant

• The high-flying University of Oregon Ducks bobbled the win against the Washington Huskies, and with it a spot in the College Football Playoff. Now the Ducks will face the Liberty University Flames in the Fiesta Bowl. Sounds like a mismatch, yes? But consider: Liberty, founded by right-wing Christian zealot Jerry Falwell, was accused by the Department of Education this fall of creating an atmosphere of fear around reporting sexual violence on campus, concealing a football player’s past sexual assaults and threatening women who filed charges with expulsion. You may recall that the UO’s response to a student who said she was raped by three basketball players a few years ago was to use her private medical records against her. And, more recently, a group of women students filed suit against the UO for sex discrimination in sports under Title IX. Bottom line? Both campuses worship revenue sports more than morality or the law. A perfect match.

Also in sportsball, Oregon Duck volleyballers are rolling! Boosted by the home crowd at Matthew Knight Arena, they swept through the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament without dropping a set. They head to Madison, Wisconsin, for a regional showdown against Purdue 6:30 pm (PST) on Dec. 7. If the Ducks top Purdue, they likely will face Wisconsin in the regional final, with a spot in the Final Four at stake. Go Ducks!

The Bethel community was the topic at the City Club of Eugene Dec. 1, and residents put out some valid complaints to be considered. Why don’t we start with an annex of the new YMCA over there or maybe some version of Civic Park? Easier said than done, but there clearly is a need. Current plans for a sports complex at Bethel’s Golden Gardens Park are causing some concerns over possible effects to the environment and wildlife. The Friday Dec. 8 City Club is sure to cause comment. “The Closure of Eugene’s Hospital: Now What?” is at noon at Maple Room, Inn at the 5th. There is also a live stream on the City Club’s YouTube channel. Speakers are Jocelyn Wensel, Eugene-Springfield NAACP interim managing director and health care workforce development program manager; Dana Petersen-Crabb, senior director of housing services for ShelterCare; and Lynda Pond, immediate past president of the Oregon Nurses Association. City Club says PeaceHealth declined to participate.

We knew there had to be something we liked about former Congressman George Santos. (The House voted Dec. 1 to expel Santos.) He was made for Saturday Night Live and, sure enough, there he was (played by Bowen Yang) on the SNL cold opener singing to the tune of “Candle in the Wind,” “It seems to me like I’ve lived my life like a scandal in the wind / Never knowing who to cling to when the law closed in./ It seems to me like I’ve lived my life like an evil Forrest Gump / I’m the guy who lied even too much for Donald Trump.” It could not have been funnier — and humor is much needed these days!

• The Sunday New York Times, Dec. 3, featured a story headlined, “Democracy Relies on Local Newspapers.” That’s us, but little local newspapers need help to keep coming out every week. Print revenues are down, but we know you love your print Weekly (you snap up almost 30,000 copies a week), so to keep us printing and having space for the horoscope and crossword in addition to arts and news coverage, tell your favorite business, nonprofit or event to take out an ad. Or ask if you can take out an ad for them! You can also go to and contribute directly to the paper’s operation or, at the same location, make a tax deductible contribution to TRIPS, our nonprofit arm. And tell folks you read it in the Weekly, your favorite free, local, sometimes snarky rag! 

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