Old Nick’s Benefit Concert for EW

The pub hosts bands, DJs, comedy a raffle and more to support the community paper

Inside sources say Old Nick’s Pub is the place to be this Friday night.

At 6 pm, on Jan. 12, Old Nick’s at 211 Washington Street, will host a “Save Eugene Weekly” benefit concert with 100 percent of suggested donations collected at the door benefitting the paper. Pub goers can expect big bands, big food and even bigger beers. 

As most locals know, Eugene Weekly was the victim of an embezzlement that forced the paper to lay off all staff just three days before Christmas and stop printing. Fortunately, an outpouring of support from local businesses,community members and people across the country have kept spirits high and hopeful. 

Hell, we’re still publishing online.

This embezzlement can’t hold a local newspaper down, especially with the community lifting it up.

“The Weekly was the first thing I read when I moved to Eugene” writes Emily Chappel, owner of Old Nick’s. “The staff have supported me through two cancer treatments and the opening of my business. It is absolutely vital to protect and support this newspaper.”

During the concert, an art auction with donated works from local artisans, and a raffle containing gift bundles from community businesses will be held by the public house as well. All proceeds from both will go to the Weekly.

After doors open at 6 pm, attendees can expect to enjoy the vivacious sounds from local artists and bands like Savelle Tha Native, Grrlband, DJ Club Neveau and DJ Smuve. 

“We have all witnessed the impact Eugene Weekly has had on Eugene…. As a journalism student the Weekly has taught me the value of community-oriented journalism,”  Kayla Krueger, a University of Oregon journalism student and the guitarist in Grrlband says in a message. The all women, all UO student band will be debuting several songs off of their new self-titled EP, to be dropped this Valentines Day.

“If the EW went away, our community would become disjointed…. It’s more than a newspaper, it’s the heart of our community,” Krueger tells the Weekly over text. “Eugene would become less personal and more mass generated, which doesn’t account for the wonderful aspects of our silly town.”

Several comedians will be attending as well, yucking it up with the crowd for the sake of community journalism. Local legends like Leigh Anne Jasheway, Seth Milstein, James Manning the 3rd, Sarah Levi and Jen Jay will be performing their acts during the event.

Be there, or be square.