What makes you laugh and more in Slant

Looking for something to do? EW’s What’s Happening Calendar is still up and running electronically. There you can see events like the Ron Tinsley meet and greet, reading, Q&A and book signing at 2 pm Saturday at Tsunami Books on Willamette. We enjoyed reading his memoir, Promise: A Story of Race, Culture and Black Potential, and reviewed it in our 2023 Winter Reading issue. And if you are looking for events to celebrate Black culture and history for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, Dan Buckwalter has a roundup at EugeneWeekly.com. 

• “God expects spiritual fruit, not religious nuts.” That’s a sign on a Presbyterian church in Pennsylvania we heard about that resonated with us. Any churches or businesses around town putting up sayings and slogans that are cheering you up or cracking you up?

• Speaking of cheering up. Wow. You are cheering us up. The way this community is coming together to support the little newspaper that could is amazing. With your help, we are hoping to get a print issue back in your hands in early February. Contributions to the Save Eugene Weekly fund have exceeded $100,000 and have come from across the country (Iowa, Virginia, Brooklyn) and of course from you, our local readers and local businesses. We are feeling the love and how much you miss the paper (we miss it too!). Thank you also to Sweet Life, Nelson’s in the Whit, Metro Bru and Tacovore for their events on WOW Hall and 255 Madison for their upcoming events! The Old Nick’s Pub fundraiser is Friday, Jan. 12 — we will have a story at EugeneWeekly.com — and will feature comedian Leigh Anne Jasheway, Grrlband, Savelle the Native, Club Neveau, DJ Smuve and more! Want updates? We often pop them in our email newsletters that go out Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can read the latest here. 

To snowstorm or not to snowstorm, that is the question, apparently as we upload the (small) paper on Wednesday. Ice? Snow? It snowed on Mt. Pisgah Wednesday morning. Although he concentrates more on the Rogue Valley, south of us, we are fans of Ryan Snider’s RyanWeather on Facebook for climate and weather models. Want to argue the weather? Send us a letter at Letters@EugeneWeekly.com.   

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