If You Could See Your Future

Indigo Crow offers intuitive readings and more — and this is how it went

I am anxious about graduating college in June this year. It isn’t something I look forward to anymore; instead, it has become a countdown to the moment where I have to be an adult. I can’t pretend anymore.

I have too many questions about what the future will bring. Will I get to stay in my relationship with my lovely girlfriend? Will I have a dream job as a local news reporter? Will my parents be proud of my choice? Only time (that relentless bitch) can tell me the answer.

Except for today.

Today, I met with KC Duggan of Indigo Crow, an intuitive mystic who led me through an hour-long session that included guided meditation, energy balancing and an intuitive reading.

When I sat down with Duggan in Eugene Weekly’s office, she first told me what I was getting myself into. As a child, Duggan saw other people’s energies and auras physically manifest in front of them. Says she even witnessed and held conversations with her dead aunt and grandfather. 

Now having practiced mysticism for over 20 years, Duggan opened up Indigo Crow Inc. to help channel people’s “spiritual accountability.” She believes everyone can do what she does, and invites anyone curious to experience it for themselves.

Her talents would help channel the energies of the universe and my personal aura to gain cognizance about my future. “I view myself as a conduit,” she says.

Duggan says her role in the process is channeling what the universe is trying to say, be that through images flashing in her mind, certain sounds and even smells. 

I want the universe to take back what it said. 

Sitting across a desk from me, Duggan laid out a blue silk tablecloth adorned with a color-changing candle, grounding stones and a variety of crystals. 

She then picked up a spray bottle to clean the conflicting energies present in EW’s own production room, where we held our session.  

Instructing me to take hematite stones in both hands, she told me to face my palms downward and plant my feet squarely to begin receiving energies from the Earth. 

After telling me to close my eyes, she guided me through the energy pools in my body to help me feel more connected with myself. I won’t lie, this was my favorite part. 

I have attention deficit disorder (ADD), and my mind is seldom quiet. Duggan put it into plain words that would even make sense to 4-year-old me: Each thought is a train taking a stop in your mind that you can choose to board, or let it leave the station without you.

There are so many trains with so many cars passing in and out of there all the time that the moment it clears, I feel like I’ve sat down for the first time in years.

After having me focus on my deep breathing for a couple of minutes, she then began to help balance my energies. 

I don’t necessarily know how she did this, as I had my eyes closed the entire time, but it did feel as if Duggan was shaking beads next to my head while circling me like a shark. At one point a chime went off in the room, but that might have been me receiving a message from the universe.

I guess my energies were pretty balanced after, because she got some very clear messages from the universe.

Placing both of her palms outstretched on the silk tablecloth, Duggan began to describe images she was receiving from the universe, energies and auras in her mind. “This has nothing to do with me,” she says. “I am asking the universe and your spirits to help me channel your energy.”

One image described me flying first class and clinking champagne flutes with an unnamed person next to me. The other is of me as an old man looking through my previous writings while sitting in a recliner. (I like to imagine an older me smoking something federally legalized from a pipe.) 

She knew that I have outside parental pressure to find a job, and that I had a partner without me even mentioning it, either. Duggan figured out the second message from an image of a woman’s legs.

Then she told me about a picture she saw of me and my lady walking through Central Park in New York City during the fall. Apparently, Duggan saw something in my future that is pointing towards the Big Apple.

I don’t know if I like having that level of foreknowledge. On the one hand, it is nice hearing a total stranger tell me that my career woes just might be OK. On the other hand, hearing that I need to make this summer a fun and memorable one with my girlfriend because things will be “different after graduation” opens up an anxiety-fueled Pandora’s box of questions in my brain.

She then asked me if I had any questions for the universe. And I was very tempted to ask. 

But have you ever felt like you’re standing on the edge of a cliff in a conversation, and that very next sentence or question will send you tumbling down its face? Because that is what this felt like.

The morbid curiosity got a hold of me, and I had to ask about the future of my relationship with my girlfriend. Duggan told me that the spirits she was visiting with told me to not hold myself back, and that while we may be physically apart for some time pursuing our careers in different cities and states, we will find our way back to each other.

Thank you spirits. We’re done here.

Indigo Crow

I couldn’t bring myself to ask anymore. I like to take every day as it comes, and knowing what comes next ruins the surprise of the next page.

Fear of the unknown kept me from diving any deeper. Duggan says that I am entering a period of profound change in my life, and that I should embrace it. 

“Our ego desires to know every detail of every step,” she writes to EW after our session concluded. “And it limits the possibilities of how we could get from here to there because it only knows what it already has knowledge of or has directly experienced.” 

She next pulled out a deck of “angel cards,” similar in form and function to a deck of tarot cards, and gave me a reading. 

Drawing from the deck, Duggan pulled out a bright blue called Azure, representing a desired outcome that will appear if I maintain my patience, faith and positive visualization.

One day I might just get that dream job. 

At the end of our session, Duggan asked me if I was skeptical coming into this. “Of course,” I answered, as I explained how I bring healthy skepticism with open-mindedness into every assignment I take.

“I welcome the skeptics,” Duggan says. “Never any harm in trying a new thing.”

Anyone interested in a guided meditation, energy balancing, aromatherapy session or intuitive reading can reach out to Indigo Crow Inc. at bebold@indigocrow.com, call 310-710-6473, or Indigocrowinc.com