We’re back! And more in Slant

We’re back, baby! Eugene Weekly is hitting the streets Feb. 8. Live, in person (on paper). Read all about us in The New York Times and the Associated Press, and tell your favorite business to take out an ad! 

Listen up: If you have a chance to hear Dan Rayfield, Democratic candidate for attorney general of Oregon, give him a listen as he runs for state office. Hopes are high for him to win this and maybe go higher. Check out EW’s profile of Rayfield from when became speaker of the House in the Oregon Legislature.

What we’re reading: Bird Therapy by Joe Harkness. This little book out of England is described as “An antidote to the stress and confusion of modern life.” Harkness tells how watching and studying birds can help with mental health. As the jacket says, “Soon, every avian encounter took him one step closer to accepting who he is.”

Remember that one time that Eugene decided it was no longer “the world’s greatest city for the arts”? And, as City Club of Eugene puts it, “dialed it back to, ‘A great city for the arts’”? Well, City Club remembers it, too and its noon Feb. 2 program is “ A City for the Arts: The Arts Economy of Eugene,” at the Midtown Arts Center, 174 E. 16th Avenue.

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