From local news to letter-writers in Slant

We love the news. We know, that’s controversial these days, and we know, maybe more than anyone, how hard it can be to get the news out. We support all the news sources around us, from The Register-Guard to KEZI. So don’t take this as a knock but more of a humble-brag. Thanks to all your support, we’re putting out news in print and online, and we’re the localest, vocalest (yes, we made those words up) news source around. Eugene Weekly is independent and locally owned and as the alternative paper, we run the news we produce. So you’re not going to see an EW story in the RG or hear it on OPB. (But you might notice them covering this small-but-mighty paper because we broke a story no one else had. And if you do, tell them thank you because this community needs journalists and the transparency and watchdog reporting we all bring!). 

March 31 is Cesar Chavez Day, honoring the farm worker, labor leader and civil rights activist, who co-founded United Farm Workers union with fellow labor leader and activist Dolores Huerta. California closes state offices and schools. We don’t here in Oregon, but it’s a good day to reflect on the importance of unions as we look at PeaceHealth, SEIU at local colleges and other workers in the ongoing fight for equal pay, benefits and more. Sí se puede.

We recently learned that local Albertsons stores are no longer carrying EW. We reached out and were told — as were several of our readers — that Albertsons headquarters in Bend doesn’t like our politics and refuses to carry the Weekly. It’s not a local decision, so don’t get mad at your neighborhood store, but maybe let them know you miss the Weekly. 

Ann Tattersall was a longtime letter writer to Eugene Weekly and The Register-Guard. We were touched to see her letter writing was noted in her recent obituary together with her passion for progressive politics and career teaching at “universities, colleges and other educational institutions up and down the I-5 corridor.” Thank you to Ann and her fellow letter writers who liven up our pages and this community with their vibrant voices. Please write a letter or two in her honor and keep the dialogue going at

• You might want to read the “How Does Paris Stay Paris” story in March 24 The New York Times, which discusses how a “quarter of residents in the French capital live in government-owned housing.” Next question is how do we get more public housing in Eugene? 

“Who Will Serve as Eugene’s Next Councilors?” is the City Club of Eugene topic for noon, March 29. STAR Voting, the March 22 topic, drew more attention than we expected. We’re leery of changing the voting system to something that could turn voters away, but the audience clearly indicated an interest, and we’ve been following Ranked Choice Voting efforts around the state and the country. Both systems aim to give voters more choices.