Ride Back In Time

Historical trees don’t go unnoticed with this bicycling event

A community member embracing the first Corvallis Tweed Ride in 2015. Photo by Nelson Binggeli.

Timeless elegance will flood the streets of Corvallis along with camaraderie and exploration. Celebrating its 10th anniversary the Corvallis Tweed Ride — Tour de Trees will congregate April 28 at the intersection of 2nd and Washington. It’s highly encouraged to dress in vintage attire to pay homage to its history. The first Tweed Run occurred in London in 2009 and was inspired by Jack Thurston’s disbanded Tweed Cycling Club, which held vintage-attire-themed rides in England in the ’90s. The idea is to shred the modern recreational outfits and dress how they did in the olden days. Bridget Hayes, chief instigator of the Tweed Ride, and her husband brought the event to Corvallis from Atlanta where they participated in numerous rides. Albany and Portland also host Tweed Rides along with other cities around the U.S. This year’s theme in Corvallis celebrates Arbor Day with the 12-mile scenic tour noting the historic trees of the town, such as Camperdown elms, London planes and dawn redwoods. “One of them is going to be the tree that the city charter was signed underneath,” Hayes says. “One of them is a Hiroshima Peace Tree grown from the seeds of a tree that survived the Hiroshima blast and was planted by a survivor, a Japanese woman who has since moved to Oregon.” The group pauses for a picnic, so grab your favorite snacks and lunch items. Bring your favorite tea cup because large thermoses of tea will be available. Whether you’re a biker or admirer, wave to your friends as the cyclists slowly take off down the streets following tradition. “It’s sort of a combination of slow bicycle movement, performance art and a bit of theatricality,” Hayes says. Celebrate the end of the ride at the after-party located at Treebeerd’s Taphouse at 201 SW 2nd Street, Corvallis. Order a drink on tap whether it’s an IPA, Ale or good-ole non-alcoholic root beer.

The Corvallis Tweed Ride — Tour de Trees is 10 am April 28 starting at the intersection of 2nd Street and Washington Avenue, Corvallis. FREE. Click on “interested” or “going” on the Corvallis Tweed Ride 2024 Facebook Page to register and receive updates. More info on the event, trees, map and more at CorvallisTweedRide.net.