EW’s Endorsements at a Glance

Voters, mark your ballots in local state and national races 

Voters, mark your ballots in local state and national races 


Democratic nominee for President

✔ Joseph R. Biden Jr. 
Marianne Williamson

U.S. Representative 4th District

✔ Val Hoyle (unopposed)


Secretary of State 

✔ Tobias Read 
James Manning Jr., James Jim Crary, Paul Damian Wells, Dave W. Stauffer 

State Treasurer 

✔ Elizabeth Steiner  
Jeff Gudman

Attorney General 

✔ Dan Rayfield 
Shaina Maxey Pomerantz 


State Representative

House District 7

✔ John Lively 
Ryan Rhoads

House District 8

✔ Lisa Fragala 
Doyle E. Canning

House District 12 (Democrat)

No candidate

House District 12 (Republican)

✔ Charlie Conrad 
Darin Harbick

House District 13

✔ Nancy Nathanson (unopposed)

House District 14

✔ Julie Fahey (unopposed)


District Attorney

✔ Christopher J. Parosa 
James Cleavenger

Lane County Board of Commissioners

North Eugene

✔ Zach Mulholland 
Pat Farr Sr.

South Eugene

✔ Laurie Trieger 
Grace Widdicombe

City of Eugene


✔ Kaarin Knudson 
Shanaè Joyce-Stringer, Stefan (Ace Dog) Strek

Ward 1

✔ Eliza Kashinsky 
Ethan Clevenger, Ted M. Coopman

Ward 2

✔ Matthew K. Keating 
Lisa Warnes

Ward 7

✔ Lyndsie Leech 
Barbie Walker 

Ward 8

✔ Randy Groves (unopposed)


Wards 1 & 8 

✔ Tim Morris 
Kim Arscott

Wards 2 & 3 

✔ John Barofsky (unopposed)

Wards 6 & 7 

✔ Sonya Carlson (unopposed)

City of Eugene Measures

Measure No: 20-349 STAR Voting
Amends Charter, changes method for electing mayor and city councilors.


Measure No: 20-358  Ems Stadium
Bonds Funding Lane County Multiuse Stadium at Fairgrounds


Eugene School District 4J Measure 20-357 
Renewal of current five-year local option tax for general operations 


City of Springfield

No challenged races

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