From the primary election to whiskey and shenanigans in Slant

The May 21 primary is around the corner! Get your ballots in ASAP and check out our endorsements-at-a-glance in this issue. We’ve done as much election coverage as we could in print over the last couple months, and what we could not fit in print you will find online. This week, read our profiles of Ted Coopman and Ethan Clevenger for the Ward 1 Eugene City Council position — we wrote about fellow Ward 1 candidate Eliza Kashinsky several weeks ago. You can also peruse Coopman’s sparring with his detractors in online viewpoints at 

• This week in oops!, we had the wrong measure number for the 4J school levy in last week’s story about the school funding on the ballot. We had it right in the endorsements though! The correct number is 20-357. Blame our alleged copy editor. Or buy him a beer for catching all the other typos we made before we printed them! 

Whiskey lovers will remember the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission scandal from more than a year ago in which top OLCC officials were steering rare and expensive bourbons like Pappy Van Winkle to themselves to buy. After 15 months and 10,000 documents, the Oregon Department of Justice announced there will be no charges —  DOJ was unsuccessful in its efforts to prove the liquor diversions (which makes us wonder just how many cases of Pappy Van Winkle went to DOJ for, er, investigative purposes). For ordinary folk who want to sip spendy whiskey, you can enter special OLCC lottery drawings that offer the right to purchase them. You had a one in 4,528 chance of winning a bottle of 23 year old Pappy Van Winkle family reserve in the March lottery. 

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The New York Times calls Oregon football coach Dan Lanning unconventional in a May 8 story via The Athletic: He gets a tattoo without painkillers, and he is loyal to his employer, the University of Oregon. We like that he has spoken out about gun violence and mental health. Duck fans like that his team wins football games.

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