Courtesy of McKenzie River Lavender

Laving in Lavender

The McKenzie River Lavender Bloom returns for its annual weekend event of food, music and all things lavender

Every year on the second weekend of July, McKenzie River Lavender opens its doors to local artisans, vendors, musicians and lavender fans for a chance to explore its fields and take in the scents. The McKenzie River Lavender Bloom returns July 12 through 14 for its annual weekend of all things lavender. Over a dozen vendors will be on site to sell their art alongside McKenzie River Lavender’s own essential oils, dried bouquets, linen sprays and more. All lavender scented, of course! Alongside the live music and fresh food, the star of the show is the u-pick lavender, where you’re given a pair of shears and free access to trim your own bouquet from the fields of five different lavender cultivations for $7 per bundle. Carol Tannenbaum and her husband, Charles Tannenbaum, have owned McKenzie River Lavender since 2003, and she started inviting people to come see the lavender over a decade ago. “Lavender in bloom, is there anything better than that?” she asks. “You’ve got the aroma, you’ve got the beautiful color, and it’s just full of bees humming happy happy happy.” Carol Tannenbaum assures potential guests that the bees are doing their own thing and simply love the lavender as much as you do. Despite only encompassing one acre of land, McKenzie River Lavender is sure to draw the eye. “It’s not a huge farm,” Tannenbaum says, “but given its setting and the mountains around it, this big block of purple stands out in a beautiful way.” 

McKenzie River Lavender Bloom runs from 10 am to 5 pm July 12 to 14. It is hosted at McKenzie River Lavender, 40882 McKenzie Hwy in Springfield. For more information, visit FREE.