UO’s National Reputation: Amok

One of the biggest arguments the UO has used for its lavish athletic funding is all the positive national publicity big time sports bring to the university. Yeah right. In a major story last week headlined “Off-Field Turmoil Causes Soul Searching at Oregon,” the New York Times reported on an athletic “program run amok.” The story rehashes a litany of UO amokness for a national audience. Here’s some lowlights: • “six players who were arrested during a span of several weeks” Continue reading 

State Will Shower Seneca With Cash for Spewing Pollution

The new Seneca biomass plant in Eugene will get millions in state tax breaks while the state releases prison inmates and stuffs kids in overcrowded classrooms for lack of tax revenue. Ostensibly the tax breaks are for “green” power, but the Oregonian reports today that the Seneca biomass plant will “release more carbon dioxide and lung-damaging particulates than a comparable coal-fired power plant.” Continue reading 

Guerrilla Gardening Takes Off in San Francisco

Two weeks ago, EW wrote about the potential of guerrilla gardening in Eugene as a way for citizens to rise up and overthrow the urban blight left downtown by failed city redevelopment projects. This week the San Francisco Bay Guardian writes about how guerrilla gardening has taken off in San Francisco with backing even from public works bureaucrats and the mayor. Continue reading