Reckoning with the Past

History professor Christian Appy looks at how the Vietnam War shaped us in 2015’s

Christian Appy. Photo: Ian-Kaye

When we heard Christian Appy talk about his new book at a Morse Center event on the UO campus last month, we knew American Reckoning was a must read for more understanding of the “Vietnam War and Our National Identity,” as he subtitles it. Appy is a professor of history at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the author of two previous books on the Vietnam War. Continue reading 

Turn Back Time

Local author takes on aging

Anybody out there in this youth-obsessed USA who wants to read yet another word about aging? Or, if we really are youth-obsessed, maybe we want to learn everything we can to slow the march away from youngness? That was Lauren Kessler’s gamble when she wrote Counterclockwise: One Midlife Woman’s Quest to Turn Back the Hands of Time (Rodale, 256 pages. $24.99). At the same time her seventh book of narrative nonfiction hit the market in the spring, Parade magazine, that popular panderer, featured a “Special Report on the Youth Hormone.” Yet another! Continue reading