Photos: Con Brio at Cozmic [2.9.15]

The band Con Brio, from San Francisco, spent the last night of their tour here in Eugene. With Ziek McCarter as the vocals, Benjamin Andrews on guitar, Micah Dubreuil on keyboards, Jonathan Kirchner on the bass, Andrew Laubacher on drums, Marcus Stephens on tenor saxophone, and Brendan Liu on the Trumpet they had quiet the set up on stage. They filled the room with soulful funk music that was reminiscent of an era long gone but not forgotten. Continue reading 

Photo Recap: Sallie Ford at Cozmic

Sallie Ford at Cozmic Dec. 9. All photo illustrations by Athena Delene. The last time Sallie Ford played in Eugene was October 2013 at Sam Bond's. She was with her old band, The Sound Outside, and had recently released Untamed Beast. That show was packed — if memory serves me right, there was a line around the block. Continue reading