Small Joys

Fresh off a Bandest of the Bands win at WOW Hall earlier this year, local folk-rock outfit Small Joys is starting to pick up steam. What began as a conservative duet, composed of songwriter Olivia Awbrey and lead guitarist Dan Klee, has now blossomed into a harmonious four-to-six-piece romp. The music is crisp and rootsy, with all the crunch of dead leaves in the fall, and the delicacy of dewdrops on a petal unfurled. Heading up lead vocals, Awbrey fuses Mazzy Star’s jangle to Alela Diane’s haunting soul and comes out none the worse. Continue reading 

Whitey Morgan & the 78’s

Whooowhee! Whitey Morgan & the 78’s are playing at Sam Bond’s this week, and it’s sure to be swingin’. Superficially, it’s outlaw country just the way you imagine it — twang, drawl and do-si-do — but there’s something unique about Whitey’s songwriting that’s hard to place. Continue reading 

Mt. Pisgah Wildflower & Music Festival

One of the best things about this part of the country is our nature. There’s no shortage of trees and, thankfully, there is also an abundance of wildflowers. The floral draw is just one aspect of the Mt. Pisgah Wildflower & Music Festival that makes it worth the price of admission. The all-day festival, taking place on Sunday, is chock-full of activities, music, food and fun. Continue reading 

Silver Sky’s the limit

When Grammy-nominated bluegrass act The Infamous Stringdusters were looking for a producer for their new record they naturally picked … a hip-hop veteran? You read right, but don’t worry longtime fans — the Stringdusters aren’t rollin’ in Escalades or rappin’ about their bling’d out grills, though I wouldn’t put it past the iconoclastic group to try. Continue reading