Small Joys

Fresh off a Bandest of the Bands win at WOW Hall earlier this year, local folk-rock outfit Small Joys is starting to pick up steam. What began as a conservative duet, composed of songwriter Olivia Awbrey and lead guitarist Dan Klee, has now blossomed into a harmonious four-to-six-piece romp. The music is crisp and rootsy, with all the crunch of dead leaves in the fall, and the delicacy of dewdrops on a petal unfurled. Heading up lead vocals, Awbrey fuses Mazzy Star’s jangle to Alela Diane’s haunting soul and comes out none the worse. Take that mish-mash and throw a ballsy male backtrack to the whole thing — included: a tight, busy rhythm section — and you’ve got some bona fide Eugene folk. Just don’t mention Dan Klee’s beard (local lore maintains that it’s made of bees).

Small Joys plays with Hanna & Neal 10pm Friday, June 21, at the Granary; $3-$5.

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