Busing the Boozy

A party bus leaves a trail of glitter

The Facebook invite headline read “Party Bus!” It was a celebration for two friends, one moving away and the other turning 30. The theme was “Glitter.” Having never been on a party bus before, I was intrigued. And yes, there was a glitter theme, even though the party was scheduled for a sunny, Sunday afternoon. We were to be squired around to three wineries by My Party Bus. Continue reading 

Turn That Gown Upside Down

Upcycling bridesmaids dresses

A good friend calls late at night, breathless with exciting news: “He proposed!” she exclaims. And whether you whoop with joy or nervously gulp chardonnay like Kristen Wiig’s character in the wildly funny movie Bridesmaids, one thing’s for certain: You’ll soon be making room in the closet for a dress you most likely have no control over picking out. In addition to letting it gather dust or letting it gather dust at Goodwill, there’s another option: the upcycle. Continue reading 

Certified Organic Folk Love

The stockings are no longer hung by the chimney with care, Saint Nick has come and gone once again and January has fully set upon us. After hauling the tree to the curb and mentally recapping the last few exhausting weeks, a dose of folk music might be exactly what the doctor ordered. If the doctor was a merrymaking nomad, that is.  Continue reading 

Stomp in the New Year

Once upon a time, in the days when “greed was good,” anything homemade was synonymous with shabby. Growing up in the Reagan age, a stage filled with buckets, washboards, kettles, spoons and cigar box guitars would’ve seemed more at home on a street corner or back alley saloon.  Thankfully we’ve moved past a time dominated with men with big hair and double-necked electric guitars. The DIY heart beats strong in the breast of young and old all over the country. Knowing how to make it yourself is in vogue, especially for musicians.  Continue reading 

Hey Marseilles Gigs Cozmic

  It seems indie music is experiencing a movement of flannel-clad gents strumming vintage guitars while tugging at scruffy beards. A token petite blonde with amazing pipes singing backup over sweeping, rootsy tales about vagabonds is standard fair. But if you can wade past all the skinny jeans and saddle shoes you will find your way to Hey Marseilles, and you won’t be sorry. Continue reading