Certified Organic Folk Love

The stockings are no longer hung by the chimney with care, Saint Nick has come and gone once again and January has fully set upon us. After hauling the tree to the curb and mentally recapping the last few exhausting weeks, a dose of folk music might be exactly what the doctor ordered. If the doctor was a merrymaking nomad, that is.

Let’s pretend for a moment that she is, and a hearty dose of folk is sounding pretty good. Clear the calendar for Jan. 5 in order to spend an evening with The Hollands! (exclamation point mandatory). Styled as an upcycled, wandering Von Trapp family, The Hollands! are mother Jana, father Craig, daughter Graciana and son Banjo. They travel the world over spreading certified organic folk love, glockenspiel and all.

Craig originally hails from Australia and before heading up The Hollands! was a longtime member of Ballydowse, a Chicago-based Celtic punk band that dabbled in anarchist and religious lyricism. Somewhere along the way Jana and her ethereal voice bewitched him, and he left the world of Celtic punk behind for one with a calmer form of carousing.

Now based in the cheese lover’s paradise of Wisconsin, The Hollands!’s family band is a member of the International Folk Alliance. When it comes to music, The Hollands!’s brand of folk has subtle Christian gospel undertones, reminiscent of the Carter Family classic tune “Can the Circle Be Unbroken.”

Vivid narratives are set to light acoustics, smartly showcasing a cast of definitive folk instruments including banjo, mandolin and ukulele. Graciana’s backing vocals sweeten the pot, accented by Banjo’s light-handed cajón slaps.

The evening is sure to calm any leftover holiday nerves, leaving a squeaky clean feeling enrobed in good vibes.

The Hollands! play 7:30 pm Saturday, Jan. 5, at Axe and Fiddle; $5.