The Zombie Next Door

Rob Zombie

I dare you to not bang your head to the opening strains (after the moaning stops) of White Zombie’s 1995 hit “More Human Than Human.” And yet, despite the fact that Rob Zombie crafts killer songs, at some point we’ll have to stop referring to him as a musician. In 2014, his acting, directing and filmmaking credits eclipse his musical offerings.  Continue reading 

Be Their Guest

The Oregon Electric Station, one of Eugene’s bastions of fine dining since 1977, reopened Aug. 9 under new ownership, and people have taken notice. “We expected to be busy,” General Manager Paolo Ruffi says, “but we have been beyond busy. We’ve been overwhelmed by the reaction of the people.”  Continue reading 

Everything but the Bathroom Sink

Miranda Lambert is one of country music’s top female artists, but she has a gutsy-ness and grittiness that many women in country lack. She’s got sass and strength as well as suffering and insecurities, and isn’t afraid to reveal any of it in her lyrics. Lambert, who is performing at Sweet Home’s Oregon Jamboree, just released her fifth album, Platinum. She also just turned 30, and along with that milestone came self-scrutiny and pangs of aging. Continue reading 

Urban Dweller in an Apartment?

Yes, even you can grow your own food

Anyone can grow fresh food year-round, even apartment dwellers. It just takes a bit of know-how and planning. Amy Doherty, a master gardener and graduate of the UO Landscape Architecture program, specializes in adaptive urban gardens. “There’s a lot you can do with container gardening on a sunny balcony or in a window,” Doherty says. “The only limit is how much space you have and how much light you can get.” Continue reading 

Waste-Free Weddings

Mount Pisgah is a local leader in sustainable wedding practices

The oak grove double tree is one of four ceremony sites at Mount Pisgah

Despite the cold and rain that enrobes Eugene for many months of the year, outdoor weddings are growing in popularity here. And there’s one venue that is more popular than nearly all others — Mount Pisgah Arboretum. Peg Douthit-Jackson, the arboretum’s education and special events coordinator, says they have been “swamped” with interest in recent years and that it consistently fills its wedding schedule. Part of that growing interest is the arboretum’s response to the desire for more sustainable weddings.  Continue reading 

Give Once, Get Repeatedly

Some gifts keep on giving all year long

Giving something that will end up stuck in a junk drawer or regifted is no fun for the giver or the giftee. And for the people who seem to have it all, it can be hard to pick something they might actually want. To avoid these hassles, try giving a gift of experiences that return your sentiment all year long. Many local establishments offer clubs and memberships that provide ongoing benefits for a one-time purchase.  Continue reading