Timeless Tresses

Vintage hairstyles are increasingly popular for brides and grooms

At Dawn Baby Salon in Eugene, the past comes back to glamorous life for brides and grooms seeking vintage style. Stylist Dawn Baby specializes in vintage hair; more couples are turning to hairstyles from the 1920s through the 1960s.

Leslie Stonelake is the epitome of 1950s style wearing a dress she made and with her hair in a simple, glamorous short style.

Stylist Amelia Hart sets Sara Pesta’s hair in 1940s victory rolls. Dawn Baby recommends brides seek out a stylist as soon as they have decided on a dress. “You always want to have a dress rehearsal with your stylist to see if your styles merge,” she says.

Blake Taylor gets a clean shave and a pompadour. Guys should make their grooming appointment for the day before the event. Dawn Baby provides straight razor shaves to make sure everything is “baby’s-butt smooth with not a hair out of place.”

Starr Amrit’s hair is a combination of braids and victory rolls. Vintage makeup uses bold lines and strong colors. “It’s a timeless look,” Hart says. “Wearing red lipstick just makes you feel good, and curls are flattering to everyone.”

Most women’s hairstyles from the 1920s, such as Claire Flint Last’s look, were short with tight curls. “There are styles that can be achieved from all eras for both short and long hair,” Dawn Baby says.

Sara Pesta’s purple hair is a modified 1940s style. Plan to get your hair done the day of your special event — these are not styles that can be done ahead of time.

Claire Flint Last gets the finishing touches on her Great Gatsby-era hair. “Your wedding is your fantasy of how you want to look your best, so you try to find someone that can help you do it,” Dawn Baby says.

Hair by Dawn Baby makeup by Amelia Hart

photos by Trask Bedortha and Todd Cooper