Civic Park – Play On

In 2014 Art Johnson and his son Derek invited members of the community to meet to discuss a bold and daring vision for the transformation of Civic Stadium to Civic Park; a space and place for kids, adults, and community to play and have fun.

From that meeting the Johnson family – along with help from a group of devoted community members – formed the Eugene Civic Alliance (ECA) – a non–profit 501 (c) (3) to redevelop the historic Civic Stadium property into an inclusive, long term, self-sustaining community sports and entertainment venue, operated primarily for the children of our community.

Fast forward to March of 2022 and Civic Park has become a vibrant community hub, and a sports, recreation, and event destination.  Since the beginning of the pandemic through to February of 2022, more than 138,000 people have visited Civic Park.

Civic Park has established itself as a critical place for our kids and families to experience a bit of normalcy, where they have the space to play and have fun.  Someone once wrote that play is the secret to happiness.

At Civic Park, the KS Fieldhouse and the Market of Choice Field are helping to change lives. Since June of 2020, Civic Park has hosted summer camps, high school “Friday Night Lights” football games, youth basketball games, youth flag football games, youth volleyball games, youth soccer games, lacrosse practices, ultimate frisbee, and even choir practices.

Adults, meanwhile, played soccer and kickball games at MOC Field and in the fall of 2021, we formed a special partnership with the Special Olympics of Oregon that inspires us all.

Help us to Play On!

Civic Park is playing on despite all odds. Amid the throes of a pandemic, ECA has raised $29.3M and we thank you for your generous help in getting us so close to the finish line.  We have $700K to raise and once we do, Civic Park will be fully funded and set and secure to deliver quality programs and host community events for years to come.

Join the Court IX Campaign

As part of March Madness and in recognition of Title IX’s 50th anniversary in 2022, ECA has received a special $250,000 matching gift from a donor, to finish the fundraising campaign in the name of Title IX and girls and women in sport.  Every dollar you give up to $250,000 will be matched which will not only help us to get us to the finish line of the campaign but will also honor the work of Title IX with a court of her own.  

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Here is who is also Playing On at Civic Park

Our teams and coaches love the experience at Civic Park. The setting in the middle of town is awesome and our players enjoy the stadium like atmosphere. The brand-new turf experience on the field is excellent. The game experience is special for our players and families. In addition to a soccer only field, our players, coaches, and families enjoy having real bathrooms, access to water, and parking directly next to the field. Eugene Timbers FC is thrilled using this gem of a field.  

Jurgen Ruckaberle
Director of Coaching
Eugene Timbers FC

The facilities are top notch with the ability to reconfigure for multiple activities to accommodate our various needs. The staff is always helpful, their communication is excellent and timely.  The fields and courts are always clean and well maintained to ensure longevity. I am grateful that the Kidsports Fieldhouse and the Civic Park Market of Choice fields are located here in our area enhancing the long tradition of community sports and health.  They are a pleasure to work with and our participants always have a ball.

Bec Williams, Ed.M., CSCS She/Her/Hers
Founder & CFO – Chief Fun Officer
Playground Sports, LLC