Civic Park

With a mixture of sports, concerts, festivals and gatherings, Civic Park will show residents and visitors alike that Eugene values healthy kids, recreation and community!

Our park, your park, Civic Park is open! It is fast becoming a vibrant community hub, a sports and recreation destination where Civic Stadium once stood. From youth and adult sports to choir rehearsals, Barre3 and yoga classes, things are happening at Civic Park. The possibilities are endless. Come and explore how you can make Civic Park YOUR park with sports and recreation for people of all ages!

The Kidsports Fieldhouse has four indoor courts and two outdoor courts — ideal for basketball, volleyball, pickleball and more. It is a welcoming place to recreate and socialize in any weather. Market of Choice Field, a top-quality synthetic turf field, can be striped for any sport played on a rectangular field. And it has lights — we can play day and night, all year round.

Imagine gathering to watch a professional soccer match or a Kidsports touch football championship. Imagine ultimate Frisbee tournaments and lacrosse matches. Imagine drone exhibitions and kite flying, graduations, neighborhood picnics, concerts, seasonal festivals and holiday parties, too.

Imagine a space that, in years to come, will mean as much to our community as the old wooden Civic Stadium did for more than 75 years. 

Imagine what we can do together at Civic Park. Get involved as a participant, fan and donor.  We are in the final push to complete the capital campaign. Get excited, get involved and help us reach the finish line! 

All Kids Play

Kidsports has been developing and delivering youth sports and activities to children in our community since 1954. “All Kids Play” has been the mission since inception and regardless of ability to pay or play, no child is turned away.  Last year, 12,000 kids played, developed, and had fun participating on one or more teams and 4,000 children received scholarship assistance in order to play.

The Kidsports Fieldhouse at Civic Park is a versatile facility with four full-size middle school basketball courts which can be converted for a variety of sports.

Kidsports will continue to offer early positive youth sport experiences at the Fieldhouse as well as other age-appropriate physical activity and physical literacy programs.  Modified games and play-centered activities provide learning opportunities for children to develop movement and motor skills that are needed to help them move with confidence and competence in sports and daily life. Active, healthy kids become active, healthy adults.

While the focus of the Kidsports Fieldhouse is primarily on kids, it will also play home to adult recreation leagues offering basketball, pickleball, volleyball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, indoor/outdoor futsál. Seniors too will find healthy activities such as the “senior circuit” that includes walking, balance, strength, and socialization activities. 

The Kidsports Fieldhouse is a unifying site which prioritizes health and inclusion while promoting much needed multi–sport opportunities and a menu of physical activities for all.

Staying safe with COVID-19 regulations

Rest assured that the ECA is keeping your safety at the forefront of operations. Civic Park follows the Oregon Health Authority Covid-19 protocols for recreation and sports activities, and meets the guidelines for large gatherings. Staff are wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing. Participants are required to wear masks indoors and follow social distancing guidelines while at Civic Park. Common areas inside the fieldhouse are being sanitized and doors are being kept open to allow for airflow. Play safe at Civic Park!

Civic Park where Eugene comes to play

Healthful sports and recreation are not just for kids, and neither is Civic Park. Rec league basketball? Over-35 soccer league? Co-ed volleyball? Yes, yes, and yes! And futsál, too. (“Huh?” you ask. “What’s futsál?” Just the most exciting way to play soccer when it rains!).

Civic Park will be used for adult recreation leagues while kids are in school or are done for the day. Groups such as Playground Sports, a recreational league for adults, are already booking time for events.

Teams, like Bushnell University (formerly Northwest Christian University) the Rugby Sevens league and university club teams have explored playing at Civic. The Eugene Concert Choir has already held socially distanced rehearsals at the park. If you want to hear otherworldly, beautiful sounds, just imagine their voices floating out over the entire Civic Park.


 Lane United Football Club has been a great supporter of Civic from the beginning and looks forward to playing their spring season on “the hallowed turf of Civic Park.” The Red Aces Fan Club is ready to “march to the match,” with drum rolls and smoke flares!

In years past, LUFC has drawn as many as 1,000 fans to its matches. Players are recruited from college teams and European clubs during their off-season. The team plays in the USL League Two (formerly the Premier Development League), the highest level amateur soccer league in the country.


Donate Today!

Help us complete our fundraising campaign and DONATE TODAY!  ECA received a $1 million challenge grant from the McKenzie Oaks Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation. The gift will assist ECA to complete construction of the first phase of Civic Park. For every two dollars raised the fund will donate one dollar, until a total of $3 million is reached. or call us at 541-525-6601


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