Portland company with Eugene roots produces powdered crickets

CHarles Wilson is founder and CEO of Portland-based Cricket Flours, a platform food ingredient and consumer food product company.  Wilson says his mother’s gluten-intolerance inspired the business. He founded the enterprise during his last year of law school at the University of Oregon. “Ten or 15 years ago my mom got diagnosed,” Wilson tells EW, “and she couldn’t have gluten anymore.” Continue reading 

Good Vibrations

Music therapy makes medicine out of melodies

Have you ever listened to a song and, without even realizing it, started tapping your toes? Have you ever been brought to tears through music? Most of us can probably answer “yes.”  There’s a science, and a whole profession, built around the reason why.  I’m in the cheery downtown studio of Danielle Oar, a board-certified music therapist and owner of Refuge Music Therapy, LLC in Eugene.  Continue reading