More photos of LCC ReFashionLab creations

Dress' made from EW back issues created by Ariana Schwartz

Here are some of the photos we took for the cover and this weeks story on the LCC ReFashion lab. Read the story here: Photos:Trask Bedortha Dress: Ariana Schwartz • Hair: Gwynne McLaughlin, Studio Mantra •  Make up art: Marisa Shute • Models: Katrina Jones, Ericka Weist, Savannah Weatherford Continue reading 

Beer Steward Aaron Brussat and Party Downtown pair up with local food and Belgian beers

We have some great locally grown food here in the Willamette valley. Paired with some top notch innovative chefs and a thriving fermentation culture it an exciting time to be a food lover in Eugene. Here is a look at a fantastic dinner that took place Monday at Party Downtown with wonderful German and Belgian beer chosen by Beer Steward and friendly Bier Stein bottle librarian Aaron Brussat. Continue reading