Morning Reading

Yawwwwwn … OK, time for more coffee. But first! A few interesting things crossed my Safari tabs this morning as a result of the usual roundup of blogs (apologies to those via whom I found these sites but then didn’t credit – I lost track of my tabs. Bad Molly, no cookie! Except for the cookies sitting at our reception area and calling my name, anyway):

• At The Frontal Cortex, Jonah Lehrer discusses “the hedonists inside our head” that urge people to do pleasure-now, pain-later things like sign up for sub-prime mortgages (don’t worry; I didn’t know what one of those was either, and the article was still interesting). (Via the usual: BoingBoing.)

• On Slashdot, herejackback pulls together a summary of the current fracas going on over at LiveJournal (one of my favorite sites for reading various RSS feeds, but boy, do they have issues). I hesitate to make an attempt at summarizing this one — it’s massive and sprawling and getting bigger by the day — but there’s a great icon floating about LJ as a direct result of this debate: “LiveJournal: Some terms of service are more equal than others.”

• The Frugalist offers 147 Tiny Tips to Live Healthier, Happier, Greener and Better. Well, they offered this back in May, but I just found it and it’s always relevant, right?

• Did we mention we have this ballot thing going on? You might have heard of it; it’s called Best of Eugene? It’s a readers’ poll? And WE LIKE IT WHEN YOU VOTE. Once, I mean. Just once. We don’t like it when you vote more than once. It’s kind of a pain.