This, That and the Other Thing

I have a confession to make.

I’m a bookmark junkie.

What happens is simple: I’m strolling along on the information (overload) superhighway (dirty allway) and something catches my eye. “Oooh!” I think to myself. “That looks interesting! But too long to stop and read/listen/respond to right now.”

Tick! goes the little plus button. And the list is lengthened. And then again. And again. And sometimes I go back and the links are no longer there. (An episode of “The Leonard Lopate Show” from 2005 on which one of my former bosses makes an appearance, though, is still there for my eventual listening pleasure.)

Let’s see what we can dredge up, shall we?

• Apartment Therapy. Boy, this’d be awesome if I were rich. As it is, I’m just envious.

• An interview with the cast of X-Men 3 from Comic Book Resources. Too depressing to read; can’t seem to get past the Brett Ratner quotes at the beginning, no matter how often I try.

• “Up With Grups” from New York magazine. I’ve read this one, actually, but I keep it around to make myself feel better about my eventual future as a grown-up of some sort. Even though some of the people described are really quite annoying.

• Self-Discipline. Clearly something I am never, ever going to read.

• Chernobyl: Time Coverage. The kind of thing I fully intend to read so as to further my knowledge of events that happened when I was too young to read much about them. Alas, “fully intend to read” does not often equal “read.”

• Newsarama talks to Matt Fraction about The Five Fists of Science. Yes, there are a lot of comic-related links in my jumbled bookmarks. Some of them are even sorted into a special folder. I love comics. But I usually wait until the library has them to read them. And I’ve forgotten to check on this one. So … yeah.

• Language Log discusses how one ought to pluralize MacBook Pro. Language Log makes me feel stupid.

• Roger Sutton, editor-in-chief of The Horn Book (and one of my most favorite people in all of children’s literature, which is one of my most favorite things) offers a superb quote worthy remembering on the difference between critics and regular people.

• Mark Jenkin’s entertaining street installations (don’t miss the parking meters turned into lollipops).

• Tiny Animals on Fingers: almost as capable of making a bad day better as Cute Overload!.

• Perry Bible Fellowship: Get your mean on. When you find the one about the unicorn, give me the link, OK?

I’ve got to stop this now; I keep finding unread links to stories about productivity, self-discipline and the like. Perhaps the bookmarks need a quick cull before I drag any more of them into the light.

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