Bad Blogger, No Cookie

So I skipped yesterday. Sorry. I’d like to say it was the impending doom of having to get four fillings today, but I only just found out this morning that today is the Day of Dental Hell. Also, as you may have noticed, it’s raining. A good day to wear flip-flops, too.

Yesterday did turn up one lovely example of what I shall ever so creatively call Oregon In the News: The New York Times did a nice piece on Clear Creek Distillery (as always, if it wants you to log in, go to BugMeNot). Pear brandy always reminds me of being a curious 14-year-old, asking my stepfather what he was drinking; the hot, fruity scent was wafting across the table at me. “Would you like to taste it?” he asked.

It was a very effective way to leave me disinterested in drinking. At least until college, anyway.

While I’m talking Oregon, don’t forget the Tillamook Mac & Cheese contest. I can’t claim to be inspired to such heights as to include crab — or maybe it’s just that my wallet can’t reach to such great heights — but there’s something tantalizing about this all the same.

Which is more than I can say for most of the internet today. Short of doing another trawl through my unread bookmarks — all too many of which have to do with Harry Potter or Joss Whedon, it seems — I’ve got nothin’. You want something to do? Go vote for Best of Eugene! And come by and pick up some flyers while you’re at it.

There. That should keep you busy for a while.

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