The Other Molly

Warning: This page is only interesting to those who are interested in the peculiarities of the internet age.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I Google myself. Mostly, it’s just to see if anyone has linked to or otherwise noticed anything I’ve written in the paper; I’m a nosy girl and I’m always looking for feedback. I also have a relatively unusual name.

Or at least I did have a relatively unusual name.

Until recently, most of the results were me, me in a prior incarnation (i.e. unrelated to work here), a few totally random things and a few genealogy sites. But recently, the number of hits shot up, and I started to notice a common username among them: mememolly.

Like I said, I’m a nosy girl. So I went poking around. One of my favorites was a Google result that led to a YouTube page in Chinese that wasn’t what the link suggested it pointed at; the link said, “hey guys i have found a certain “molly templeton ” who gets paid for doing book reviews now i dont know if its her but just put molly templeton into google …”

Safe to say that whichever Molly Templeton they were looking for, it wasn’t me. It was, I think, this girl. Who also has a resistance directed toward her. Interestingly, there are five Molly Templetons on MySpace who are not me, and it looks rather like all of them are the other one, though the ages vary from 14 to 29.

So let this simply stand as the differentiation page. I am not that Molly. I am my own Molly. But I bet the other one’s cool, too.

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