Random Giggles

Lately, I’ve developed a knack for opening books to random pages and finding upon those pages sentences which, taken out of context, are truly funny. OK, so maybe a two-time occurrence isn’t quite a knack. And it’s entirely possible that only Suzi and I find these things funny. But I’m going to practice this apparent talent (my boyfriend has a variation of this talent; he can open to the smut in any given title) and see if I can’t keep coming across delicious things like these:

“Have you ever fucked a Bulgarian?”

— from Tom Perrotta’s pretty excellent The Abstinence Teacher
(Confession: The first Bulgarian that came to mind as I read this was Viktor Krum. I … yeah. Not sure how I feel about that.)

“The forces of the status quo don’t want this reading!” she announced through a blare of feedback.

— from Andrew Foster Altschul’s just-arrived-and-thus-as-yet-unread-by-me Lady Lazarus, which has such over-the-top flap copy it begs to be read aloud. (A snippet: “Together they chronicle her story, from her silent childhood to her first tortured public statements about her father; from her publication of a wildly popular book of poetry to her mysterious disappearance; from her return as the mute leader of a cultlike brigade known as The Muse to her last, terrifying crusade.” Phew.)

Anyway, I know there are others out there with this talent. Please, open your books at random (no, this isn’t that blog meme involving the 17th line on the 123rd page of the third book on seventh shelf on your smallest bookshelf) and tell me what you find! Rejoice in the random!

(I can’t tell if I need more or less coffee…)