Mayor’s Debate

For those of you who missed the City Club mayor’s debate, the audio can be found at the KLCC website . Mayor Kitty Piercy had to read her opening and closing statements fast, but she emailed out the words, if you didn’t catch them:

Piercy’s Opening Two-Minute Statement

I love Eugene and enjoy being your Mayor, moving our community forward with optimism and determination.

I’ve looked at the deluge of Jim Torrey ads and I frankly don’t recognize his Eugene. Neither should you, it’s fictional.

The truth is that while the world is not a perfect place, Eugene has moved forward.

In just three years, we’ve put in place an economic development plan based on sustainable green jobs and practices. And, our work’s been recognized. National Geographic’s Green Guide named Eugene America’s #1 green city (” a power house of green industry”) and Popular Science chose Eugene as #5 green city. At the same time Forbes chose us #36 out of the top 200 American cities to do business in and Fortune chose us as one of the nation’s top 100 cities to start a small business in.

We’re working together in all new and inclusive ways. Together we settled an LTD strike, passed a parks bond and library levy, brought two Olympic Track and Field Trials to Eugene and leaders from environment, business, and government are working together on traffic solutions for West Eugene for the first time in over 20 years. I have reached across all wards of this community in over 6,000 meetings and opened city hall to all.

There are old problems left from the Torrey years that I’ve worked steadily to resolve. In just 3 years, we’ve completed over $17 million dollars in road repairs and pothole fills. We’ve worked to reestablish trust in our police with the civilian review board. We’ve begun reinvigorating our downtown, refurbishing the old Symantec building and filling it with 200 new employees and built the new Westtown on 8th affordable housing.

We’re challenged by the county’s financial woes and will work with them to serve our people and keep our community safe. Eugene will continue to move forward, responding to the challenges and the opportunities before us. This is the Eugene I know and love.

Piercy’s Closing Two-Minute Statement

You have real stark choices between us. This is a pitched battle for Eugene’s future. Do we want unbridled growth or to continue down a path of smart growth that ensures good jobs and livability?

The money tells the story clearly. Jim Torrey has piles of money from construction and development interests who would just like to construct and build without constraint.

I am backed by over 800 individuals, (with average contributions of about $130) who are committed to growing thoughtfully in ways that benefit us all, not simply the few.

I’ve been threatened over my efforts to protect our wetlands and headwaters for future generations. Did I let threats keep me from doing what I think is right. No.

And let’s speak truth. The last four years have been full of optimism and rebuilding pride in our community. We are nationally known for our green practices and good business environment. We’re facing the future – not the past.

Let’s not forget the mean spiritedness of the “gang of nine;” public battles in the streets; losing our hospital and Glenwood; the closing of stores downtown; the Lara/Magaña case; and the failure to fully address street repairs.

Is this the world you want back?

We are deeply affected by national policies on federal timber payments, tax cuts and the war in Iraq. My opponent supported this president and this war.

I have worked with the entire city council. When I became Mayor, the council had but one shared goal. Now there are 11, each with a work plan.

The most ridiculous thing being said is that in this community we have stopped talking to each other. That is simply not true. Folks of all stripes are working on downtown revitalization; doable traffic solutions in West Eugene; headwaters protection; and homelessness.

I am proud of this community. We are reopening storefronts and revitalizing our downtown. We are filling potholes and building affordable housing. We are building parks and supporting our library. We are creating new jobs and keeping our economy healthy in challenging times. We are working with partners at all levels in ever more productive ways. We are protecting all the things that make this such a great community.

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