Lipstick on a Pig

Forget about Joe the plumber, what about Amy the makeup artist and Angela the hairstylist?

The New York Times reports that the McCain campaign pays makeuper Amy Strozzi
$11,400 a week to work on “Carribou Barbie” Palin. That makes Strozzi the highest paid campaign worker on the McCain/Palin payroll.

Joe the plumber makes nowhere near enough to pay more taxes under Obama’s tax increase for the rich. But Strozzi might.

Running not far behind the makeup artist is Palin’s California hairstylist Angela Lew at $5,000 a week, the Times reports. This on top of reports that the McCain campaign earlier spent $150,000 on designer clothes for Palin.

So much for fiscal conservatism. So much for the average Joe facing mass layoffs. Hundreds of thousands on makeup, hair, designer boots? Think of all the six packs that money could buy.