Mark Bittman Eats at Belly

I’m a bit embarrassed that I completely forgot to mention this last week, when I first heard it, but better late than never: Culiarnia Eugenius, also known as EW‘s food columnist, Jennifer Burns Levin, reminded me with her recent post that hey! Mark Bittman ate at Bellly last week! And that’s kind of nifty. Here’s what The New York Times food writer had to say about his experience:

Dinner: Belly, a popular new Eugene restaurant run by a lovely young couple doing honest, straightforward food and doing it well. (Among other things, I ate tripe and pig’s foot stew, and a braised lamb shank.)

From the rest of the post, it sounds like he also ate at Plaza Latina, too — though I can’t figure out which take-out pizza join he means. Clearly, someone should’ve sent him to PRI.

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