Drug Bust at Sheldon High School

Eugene Police say they cited three adults and four juveniles for drug possession and/or sales at Sheldon High School today.

Police cited Matthew Pankey, 24, Christopher Pankey, 21, and Daniel Grossman, 23, for alleged possession and or delivery of marijuana, meth, and/or cocaine, according to an EPD press release. The police alleged they found less than 40 grams of the drugs in their vehicle. Police took Matthew Pankey to jail and cited and released the other two.

Police also cited a 15-year-old for alleged possession and delivery of marijuana and cited three Sheldon students for purchasing pot.

According to police, the 15-year old alleged he had been asked to sell pot by Matthew Pankey. When Pankey showed up at Ron’s Grill across from the high school during the lunch hour, the juvenile believed he was there to collect money from the pot sales and called his mother, according to police. The mother arrived and she and the three adults got into a dispute, according to EPD. Someone called the police, and they responded.

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