UO Emerald Tax Returns Show Financial Struggle

While students at the UO Emerald appear to have ended their strike and are working on resolving differences with the board, the newspaper, like many today, still faces big financial hurdles.

That’s clear from a look at the non-profit paper’s tax forms, which are public documents by law. The most recent return available, for the year ending June 30, 2007, shows:

  • The Emerald had $917,231 in revenue on $965,142 in expenses for a deficit of $47,911 (p. 1). A tax return from two years earlier (2005) shows a $34,457 deficit with revenue of $907,954.
  • The paper had $115,822 in cash and $586,840 in stock after covering its 2007 deficit (p. 4). That stock endowment may have fallen dramatically this year.
  • The previous general manager had a salary of $65,000 plus about $8,693 in benefits in 2007 (p. 27).
  • The paper paid about 75 students a total of $843,060 in 2007 (p. 3).

Here’s a look at the 2007 Emerald tax document:

UO Emerald Taxes 2007

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