Maru the Cat behind the wheel!

Perhaps the most famous and lucrative cat celebrikitty, the round-faced Maru (his name does mean “circle” in Japanese) is back trying to figure out his new hot pink wheels. More of his hijinx can be found at and fans can “ask Maru anything,” but don’t expect full feline disclosure because Maru and his human companion Mogumogu are quite elusive. According to a recent article in Wired:

He is 5 years old and lives in an undisclosed Japanese city that is, by consensual rumor, almost certainly not Tokyo, because no indoor cat in Tokyo has that much space to jump into boxes, especially not the bigger ones. Maru has upwards of 168 million YouTube views and, according to other rumors, has generated enough ad revenue to buy his owner a new apartment. His is the seventh-most-subscribed YouTube channel in Japan.

Many members of the cat viral video world believe that Maru’s 15 minutes (what is that in cat time?) are nearly up. Maybe Eugene will be home to the next famous pussy cat…

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