Fiery Furnace’s Press Releases from the Edge

Over the course of 9 Fiery Furnace records and eleven solo albums, we’ve come to expect odd things from Matt Friedberger. The Furnace’s 2005 release “Rehearsing My Choir” features spoken-word from Friedberger’s Greek-orthodox Grandmother. The keyboardist and composer’s stuff is weird, sometimes unlistenable, but always intriguing and often downright brilliant.

So when the press release for his upcoming album Matricidal sons of bitchesis this out-there and awesome, we thought it would be best to just get out of the way and let you read it:

Matricidal sons of bitchesis not the soundtrack to not a film. But what if it wasn’t?”

“Hmm. I don’t mean to bore you, but to leave out the dashes for once, a Poverty Row picture was a not even a B picture. For instance, the production budget didn’t really have the money to pay for a decent script, or acting, or photography.

“So: my newfangled old-fashioned Poverty Rue (in France) production didn’t have the money to pay for a script, or acting, or photography. Being challenged all the way round, a Poverty Row movie certainly couldn’t often pay for original music. A film would have to fill itself out, in general, with stock, ‘royalty free’ cues from a “Synchronization Service”.

“Well then. Keeping to tradition, here on Poverty Rue my non-filmed film would have to have as, or on, its nonexistent (“nonexistent”, because the (nonexistent) soundtrack is not the soundtrack, but the picture (or the not a picture) itself) soundtrack as much ready-made sort- of things-you’ve heard-before as possible. Or at least, as is feasible.”

“You’ll see what I mean. Well, you won’t see what I mean. Matricidal sons of bitchesis a horror movie, by the way. A scary thought. And the music isn’t even scary.”

Matricidal sons of bitchesis out Oct. 30 on Thrill Jockey Records. Friedberger opens for the Sea and Cake 8 pm Monday, Nov. 5at WOW Hall; $13 adv., $15 door.

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