TW: You’re about to sob

A lot of you probably read the Savage Love a few weeks back in which Dan Savage asked LGBT folks whose straight friends worked for marriage equality during the past election to send in a picture and a small description of what they did.

The result is Straight Up Thanks, and this Tumblr will make you sob, bawl, get misty or whatever you do when faced with something particularly touching. As the Nov. 14 Savage Love stated, gay people shouldn’t have to say “thank you” when their rights are recognized. But I think and hope that straight people in other states ***coughOREGON2014cough*** will see this and realize that our activism during future elections (and during non-elections) could be very  important to someone we love.

From SUT:

Good people!

These are my friends Jehan and Seth. They gave a substantial donation to Equality Maryland as a wedding favor to all the guests at their wedding. Jehan even had her toenails painted in rainbow colors as a sign of support! My wife and I (and all the other gay people present) had a great time dancing at their wedding, and four months later, their donation helped our state of Maryland achieve marriage equality!—Jenise

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