A Home For The Holidays For Those In Need

Everyone should have a place to spend the holiday season, and an initiative from Mayor Kitty Piercy is going to try to make that happen. In an attempt to help the homeless, Piercy has the goal of raising $40,000 to assist 40 families in need. The program, called “A Home for the Holidays,” will strive to give these 40 families housing. St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County has joined forces with Piercy in an effort to accomplish this feat, and Oregon Community Credit Union has already come up with $20,000 toward the goal. 

“We know that homeless families have been struggling,” Piercy says. “There was a City Club presentation about the large numbers and large need. Our initial council meetings regarding Opportunity Village were about the needs of families. Since that time I believe the project has morphed in terms of the targeted population and it will take some time and public process to deal with that micro housing pilot program.”

Piercy says the goal is lofty, but she believes it is doable. “It’s a big one and I don’t know if I can reach it, but I am giving it a big push and will keep doing so over the next few weeks,” Piercy says. “I’d certainly appreciate any help anyone can give.” 

Eligible families must be working or have income, have graduated from St. Vincent de Paul’s 2nd Chance Renters Rehab Program or be able to contribute to the total amount required. 

Terry McDonald, executive director of St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County, deals with homeless people on a daily basis and will assist Piercy in her efforts. “For us, it is an opportunity to use those funds to help people who are in need of this assistance,” he says. 

To help house a homeless family, contact Rebecca Larson at rlarson@svdp.us

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