Fungi and Sugar Pines

Recently I’ve had the craving to hike around Oakridge. I’m not sure if it is the incredible forest or the food and beer at Brewers Union Local 180 after the hike. Regardless of the reasoning, I’ve been twice in the last week. The first hike was a lower portion of the Middle Fork Willamette Trail and the second was the Larison Creek Trail. For those who don’t know, Oakridge is a mecca for both hiking and mountain bike riding. I like to do both, but prefer hiking. Continue reading 

A Home For The Holidays For Those In Need

Everyone should have a place to spend the holiday season, and an initiative from Mayor Kitty Piercy is going to try to make that happen. In an attempt to help the homeless, Piercy has the goal of raising $40,000 to assist 40 families in need. The program, called “A Home for the Holidays,” will strive to give these 40 families housing. St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County has joined forces with Piercy in an effort to accomplish this feat, and Oregon Community Credit Union has already come up with $20,000 toward the goal.  Continue reading 

Are You In Or Are You Out?

If five beach bums tried to surf their way to the classic California rock sound (The Doors, The Byrds, etc.) but instead got lost in a cloud of pot smoke and found themselves at a goth house party, you would end up with something like The Growlers. The Growlers are from Orange County; they like a little reverb on their guitars; there’s a little bit of dark soul in their sound; and they do look and act baked much of the time, but that’s where the similarities to those other bands end.  Continue reading 

30 Years of PIELC

Tell your friends “I’m going to spend the weekend at a law conference” and they’ll figure you are in for a really horrible couple days. But when it comes to the UO’s Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC), attendees are actually in for some fun and excitement.  Continue reading 

Production Value

It's not surprising that theater-goers in Eugene don't immediately think of Pleasant Hill Community Theatre when considering local productions. But many Pleasant Hill residents don't think of it either, and that's something PHCT board president Michael Stearns would like to change. Continue reading