The Floydian Slips’ Extra Dimensions

The Floydian Slips’ Extra Dimensions

The Floydian Slips

The Floydian Slips’ Asher Fulero (keyboard, vocals) was “getting ready for the intergalactic mayhem” that some predicted for Dec. 21 when EW caught up with him. His plans must have included survival because the Slips have a big show lined up. After a four-year hiatus, the beloved cover band is taking the McDonald Theatre by storm on New Year’s Eve, transforming it into a psychedelic dreamscape.

To help create this Floydian fantasy, the Slips are employing video projection mapping. “We’re always looking for really exciting and interesting ways to make the show a bigger event, a more complete experience,” Fulero says. “We’re the first musicians to ever use projection mapping at McDonald.” For those unfamiliar with video projection mapping, it’s worth a YouTube search (anything by Nuformer Projection will blow your mind). The technology uses a computer algorithm that takes a projector image and divides it across multiple surfaces, allowing for optical illusions and extra dimensions. Fulero says they have been collaborating with lighting designer Jason Way to project images against the ceiling, stage, screens and pillars of the McDonald. Way has been “combining original Floyd screen videos from their concerts with original, new and stock footage to make thematic matches with the songs and their lyrics/feel,” Fulero says.

As for the music, the Slips will be playing the lineup that their fans love: Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall. And this is an all-ages event. “That’s what is so great about Pink Floyd. It’s intergenerational music. There are kids there age 7 who are just loving it and then there’s people in their 70s who are loving it,” says Fulero, who calls their fans a family. “I’ve never met anyone who was like ‘Eh, I don’t really like Pink Floyd.’”

The Floydian Slips plays 9 pm Monday, Dec. 31, at McDonald Theatre; $20 adv., $25 door.