Robin Williams at the Hult Center

If the reach of your Robin Williams fandom extends no farther than Mrs. Doubtfire, then sorry to say it, but shame on you. While the old-school comic-turned-actor has made a lucrative career out of his (often family-friendly) portrayals on the silver screen, it should never be forgotten that his stand-up shows are iconic. Dancing from voice to absurd voice, bit to feverish bit, alcoholic yearning to reformed learning, Williams’ stand-up is near unmatched. It’s that old style — the blend of social commentary, humor and gut-wrenching honesty — that puts Williams near the top of the heap. It’s 3 am, you’ve just pissed on a dumpster; it’s Miller Time!

Robin Williams performs at 7:30pm, Saturday, Jan. 12 at The Hult Center. $67-$137.