Pluto is not a planet; it’s a band

We’re in it now, stumbling through the depths of the PNW rainy season. Burdened by a crippling lack of vitamin D and the knowledge that soggy socks are all but inevitable, the only comfort comes in knowing we’re not the only ones. Eugene-based band Pluto the Planet can relate to precipitation-related woes, as the chorus of their song “Port Orford” can attest. “And it rains here almost every day/I really need a hot getaway/Someplace I really want to stay/I just need a break from all the rain.” Amen, boys!

Pluto the Planet is a young indie-pop band primarily comprised of childhood friends: Cameron Lister on vocals and guitar, Dylan Campbell on vocals and bass and Elliott Fromm on guitar and keyboard. Their newest member, Matt DeBellis, has been holding it down on drums for a few months. Previously named Gus and Us, the recent lineup change called for a little re-branding.

“It’s funny because Elliott really doesn’t like the new name,” Lister says. So, maybe don’t get too attached.

For a younger band that’s still in its mercurial stages, Pluto’s melodies and lyrics are well developed, catchy and, maybe most importantly, upbeat. Somewhat monotone vocals over indie-pop instrumentals give them a garage band/indie sound reminiscent of early Vampire Weekend. Pluto the Planet has a contagious frenetic energy that might make you forget (at least for a little while) that you won’t see the sun again until June.

“We try to make all of our shows fun and high energy,” Lister says. “Fans should expect to dance.”

So, if you’re looking for a more fun and less schmoopy Valentine’s Day activity, stop by Sam Bond’s and dance your soggy socks dry.

Pluto the Planet plays 9 pm Wednesday, Feb. 13, at Sam Bond’s; $1-5. — Natalie Horner

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