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Romance Schmomance

What’s a single guy to do?

Valentine’s Day is frustrating. We either spend all of our energy on our beloved partner because society tells us that this is the day to do so, or we wallow in the fact that we don’t have a special someone in our lives. So, don’t stress out and keep it simple, stupid.

“Being newly single, I think that I’m going to be going out, and I doubt it’s going to be much different than any other weekend,” says Jourdain May, a single male student at the UO. “I think any girls in similar situations are going to be out also seeking, and that’s what I’m banking on.”

“I spent the last four years doing the same thing every night so I want to do something exciting,” May says. “I might go to the bars, but I’ll have to ask some seasoned single friends for advice. I know a girl in a similar situation, and I might take her out but I think the dinner-and-a-show thing is overdone but I’m also not feeling romantic. It has to be something obscure and extremely casual.”

Granted, sometimes there’s nothing that can substitute for your couch and a bottle of whiskey. Or a 22-ouncer (or two or three) of your favorite beer, if you’re so inclined. You don’t need to show off your six-pack, unless it’s a six-pack of Ninkasi you’re prepared to share. And if you’re feeling extra homebound, just play a bad romantic comedy and laugh your way into a drunken stupor or a blissful celebration of love or lack thereof.

And if none of that appeals to you and you’re feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day, there’s always the Silver Dollar, right?