The Neon Bro Spectacle

Connor Martin really wants to party with you. In fact he’s driving up and down the entire West Coast building an army of eccentric, neon-clad youth. Con Bro Chill, Martin’s wacky, power-party pop troupe embraces the bombastic, donning neon garb from head to toe. And, yes, that includes neon loafers.

“It’s all about being bright, happy and fun. There’s nothing that says that like neon,” says Martin, Con Bro Chill party host, keytar player and professional lacrosse player. “We highly encourage people to come dressed as maniacs.” Need inspiration? Watch their music videos, where aggressively bright suits and jock straps are de rigueur.

“It’s such a party, it’s perfect for the college crowd and goofy kids that like to go wild and dance,” Martin says, emphasizing the term “party” with his surfer-esque cadence.

Three of Con Bro Chill’s members are Oregon natives (Martin, his brother SAMM and Ty Andre) hailing from Lake Oswego. “Oregon always has good crowds, we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously,” Martin says. But don’t let their carefree attitudes fool you, in terms of music, Con Bro Chill takes production seriously. Con’s lead vocalist, SAMM, writes much of the music and nails a falsetto reminiscent of the Bee Gees or Freddie Mercury on tracks like the party anthem “Power Happy.”

While it may seem like they’ve been huffing on Pixy Stix, it’s all just part of the act. With inspiration from bands like OK GO, Con Bro Chill disguises some impressive musical skill with lighthearted whim, like inserting themselves inside giant bouncy balls (see the “Dance Thief” video). “It’s a spectacle,” Martin says.

Con Bro Chill and Wallpaper play 9 pm Saturday, Feb. 23, at WOW Hall; $10 adv., $12 door.