Jell-O, More Than A Snack

Maude Kernes celebrates 25 years of edible art

Eating Jell-O is so passé. At Maude Kerns Art Center, it is art. In its 25th year, the Jell-O Art Show captivates audiences with its jiggling creativity. This time around, the theme for the benefit — hosted by Maude Kerns and Eugene’s Radar Angels — is “iJell-O.”

“The iPhone or the iPad is the iJell-O,” says Michael Fisher, the exhibit coordinator at Maude Kerns. “But the artwork doesn’t necessarily have to do with the theme. It can be anything.”

And artists have made sure that Jell-O can be anything. In years past, there have been entries from life-size derrieres to the ruby slippers and yellow brick road of The Wizard of Oz.

Artists are invited to bring in their Jell-O masterpieces Saturday, March 30, from 3 to 4:30 pm; submissions are $3 each and there is no submission cap. “It’s really cool; we get probably 20 to 40 submissions every year,” Fisher says. Of course, this includes the usage of Jell-O pudding (here’s looking at you, Bill Cosby). And just because it is art doesn’t mean it won’t also be devoured at the event; the Tacky Food Buffet is an integral part of the night’s festivities.

iJell-O runs from 5 to 8 pm Saturday, March 30, at Maude Kerns Art Center; $3 person, $5 families.