The Brothers Lawrence (Postponed)

Today’s electronic generation is lowering the music production learning curve so rapidly that many producers can’t even legally get into venues where their music is played. Take Disclosure, the UK-born-and-bred house duo consisting of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, who are only 21 and 18 respectively.

While they may not be the youngest producers in the electronic music scene, they’ve enjoyed a meteoric rise in the dance music community. Though their first release, “Offline Dexterity,” a rough but captivating break beat house track, found daylight in 2010, the two brothers have since developed a sound that is clean and organized, a production quality essential in the genre of electronic dance music.

In 2013, the pair has traveled around the world supporting their most recent tunes like “Latch,” “White Noise” and “Control,” which often feature strong vocal support from vocalists like AlunaGeorge, Sam Smith, Ria Ritchie and more. Disclosure graced the stages of Ultra Music Festival, one of the most prominent dance festivals in the world. In April, the duo will spend their time traversing the West Coast playing two weekends at Coachella and a few dates in cities between Vancouver, BC, and the Indio Valley.

But it’s their unique twist on deep house and UK garage that makes the Disclosure sound such a prominent one within the dizzying array of producers in electro-pop. By meshing soulful vocals with driving rhythms and uplifting melodies, the duo pushes an otherwise dark and gloomy sound out of the dark, sweaty basement and into the spotlight. But most importantly, they make you dance.

In terms of their live show, Disclosure performs a different rendition of their tracks (complete with guitars and keys) rather than being bound to a mixer all night. This departure from the classic idea of live house music is refreshing in an era where musicianship is lost with the rise of deejay culture. In short, it’s a blend of live music and house-fueled dance grooves.

Disclosure plays with Jason Burns 9 pm Wednesday, April 17, at WOW Hall; $12 adv., $14 door.

Just received the following from the WOW Hall’s publicist:

DISCLOSURE POSTPONED The Wednesday, April 17, show with Disclosure and Jason Burns has been postoned (due to passport issues) until Tuesday, May 28. Ticket holders have the option of hanging on to their ticket for the rescheduled show, or returning it to the place of purchase for a refund. Those who purchased via Ticketweb will receive an email giving them the option.

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