There, There, Now, Now

Listening to Threads, the latest album from Minneapolis-based indie rock band Now, Now, you might be surprised to learn that the band was hesitant about working with a producer on this record.

“We were freaked out about the idea of anyone just coming in and changing things we didn’t want to change, or telling us that we couldn’t do something,” admits lead singer and guitarist Cacie Dalager. “We didn’t know what to expect.”

Working with Howard Redekopp (Tegan and Sara, The New Pornographers), however, assuaged their fears. “It was nice to work with someone who felt like an extension of us instead of an external force trying to ram their ideas in,” Dalager says. “He would say, ‘What if you tried doing this?’ And if we weren’t into it he’d say, ‘Never mind. If you don’t want to then there’s no point. This is for you, not me, so you have to be happy with it.’”

The album’s 12 tracks are polished and the band’s performances are tight and cohesive. They channel the Texas-based indie rockers Eisley a lot on this record, from Dalager’s Sherri DuPree-like vocals on tracks like “Wolf,” to the echoing dreaminess of the opener “The Pull,” or the chugging alt-rock sounds of songs like “Prehistoric.” Apart from the assist they got from Redekopp, there is another reason why this record sounds so good.

“We reworked some of the songs about a billion times,” Dalager says with a laugh.

Now, Now plays with The Lonely Forest 9 pm Wednesday, May 1, at Cozmic; $8.