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There’s a new record that’s pretty much recorded

Blitzen Trapper
Blitzen Trapper

Eric Earley is of two minds when it comes to talking about the 10th anniversary of Blitzen Trapper’s self-titled debut album.

“Well, we’ve only been touring for like five years, and before that we were playing but not really, so for me, when we started touring was when we really started to be a band,” Earley says. “But yeah, the years have definitely gone by fast.”

Over the last decade, the band has released six albums and two EPs to critical acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and Spin Magazine. Paste hailed 2011’s American Goldwing as having “some of the most immediately catchy songs they’ve produced.” American Goldwing is a throwback album if ever there was one. Between Earley’s Bob Dylan-like rasp and a host of country, Americana and rock sounds that make the record sound like something straight out of the ’70s, it feels like it is steeped in the past, especially the title track.

“I have family all over the world and in weird places,” Earley says. “We’re all just kind of spread out. So the song’s about America and how everybody here moves around a lot.”

And if you are awaiting new material from the band, you’re in luck.

“There’s a new record that’s pretty much recorded, and it’s a lot different than anything we’ve done before,” Earley says with a laugh. “We’ve made two records, actually, and one is definitely more experimental. We might end up going with that one, but I’m not sure. We’ll see.”

Blitzen Trapper plays 8 pm Thursday, May 30, at WOW Hall, $18 adv., $20 door.

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