Golden Audacious

Alternative rocker Laura Meyer calls it like she sees it. Religion, greed, life on the road and relationships all get their share of attention on her albums, and her observations will certainly get you thinking. After listening to some of her tunes, you won’t be able to help but be reminded that the life of a rock star isn’t all fun and games, even if she did appear on The Jay Leno Show once.

Her latest release, 2011’s Golden Delicious, is ironically titled. This album is anything but sweet. Many of the tracks feature Meyer solo on her guitar striking gritty, bluesy chords, and her observations cut like a knife. Whether she is lambasting society for being greedy while still trying to get their Jesus on in “Jesus Sandwich,” ripping through a song about liars and their lies on the aptly titled “Bulls**t” or sarcastically complimenting someone’s appearance in “Mug Shot,” there is little on this album that is either golden or delicious. But she is not above making light of her working-class struggles on “Rich Men Do” by juxtaposing a jangly, upbeat riff against lyrics like “Any colored collar’s just a decorated noose” when talking about the horrors of the 9-to-5 life.

We glorify and romanticize the lives musicians lead, but as Meyer proves, there are a lot of valleys too. The late-night musings of someone trying to clear her head may not be the most uplifting music in the world, but it sure is illuminating.

Laura Meyer plays 8 pm Sunday, June 2, at Cozmic; $8 adv., $10 door.

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