Summer Movie Bonanza

Although the weather can’t seem to make up its mind quite yet about whether it’s summer in Eugene, one thing is certain: The raincoat-free sun-filled weeks are just about here. And with long summer days come equally rewarding mild evenings. So what better way is there to enjoy those mild nights than to hang up a white sheet, pick up a projector and pop open a bottle of wine with friends and enjoy a movie in the comfort of your yard?

If you’re feeling less ambitious (or lack a yard), you can simplify the process; open up some windows — let that cool breeze flow — and grab some dark chocolate. Whatever your viewing preference, you can’t skimp on the most important part: the movie. Here are eight classic flicks that will forever remain synonymous with the summer season.

Back To The Future

Summer is always the perfect season to dust off the DeLorean and rekindle that Back To The Future flame. By my estimates, if we were to take a ride on Dr. Brown’s DeLorean, then we’d be heading back to 1983 where we could probably catch the production of this very film (yes, it’s been nearly 30 years).


Spielberg’s 1975 summer thriller is always wildly entertaining, especially when you look back on how primitive the special effects were. But that’s all part of the modern viewing experience, Jaws is a summer classic and will be a summer movie must for years to come. Plus, who can resist a good shark attack?

Wet Hot American Summer

Remember when life was simple, when all you had to worry about was chasing the idea of love around a summer camp, making out in a chicken coop or writing in your “gournal”? There’s nothing like living vicariously through the characters of Wet Hot American Summer on a warm summer night — except now we’re older and stuff.

Dazed and Confused

No one wants to think of high school as the glory days, but Dazed and Confused makes it feel like it wasn’t too bad of a time. There was nothing more enjoyable than celebrating the last day of school before summer and this film takes us back to those moments — only with more marijuana humor.


John Travolta stole the hearts of women (and men) around America with his electrifying performance in Grease. And when the male cast broke out in “Greased Lightning,” the track instantly defined an era. Travolta and company turned a romantic musical into an American cult classic.

Jurassic Park

Mad science, dinosaurs and violence, I’m not sure there’s an action movie that fits the summer movie bill quite like Jurassic Park. So if you’re not feeling a musical or Michael J. Fox, Jurassic Park might just do the trick.

Star Wars

George Lucas basically dominated the summer movie culture. The Star Wars franchise is essentially designed for a summer evening movie binge.


This is another film that takes us back to the good ol’ days of playing backyard ball with the neighborhood kids. It’s definitely an American cliché but one that will never be forgotten. Sandlot is light and refreshing, just like your favorite pale ale.

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