Word Is – 2013 Summer Chow

A new food cart has opened up in Veneta, off Hwy. 126 on the way to the coast (and the Oregon Country Fair). Johnny Riv’s Steakshack serves tri-tip, ribeye and “steak shack sliders” to those craving meat on weekend jaunts. Check out the Facebook page at http://wkly.ws/1ht.

Townshend’s Tea Co.’s new Eugene shop is now open at 41 W. Broadway, and those chairs and couches look darned comfy. Look for news at their Facebook page: http://wkly.ws/1hu.

The Pizza Research Institute will remain open at their current location the night of UO graduation, 6/17; then it will close and make the move to 325 Blair Blvd., with their grand opening on Friday, 7/5.

The much-anticipated Sizzle Pie location is set to open 6/14 at 910 Willamette. They’ll satisfy your late-night munchies and drunchies until 3 am Sunday to Thursday and 4 am Friday and Saturday.

Pony Express’ Erin Gilfillan has purchased the Friendly Street Market. The store will close in August for a remodel, and in the fall it will reopen, still as a market, but the café will be converted to a deli with meats, cheeses and sandwiches, and beer, wine and kombucha on tap for glass and growler fills. Gillifan is planning a new front patio space, with a sliding coffee window that will serve walkers and bicyclists. And in the spirit of Pony Express, they’re adding grocery delivery.

Craving cold beer and hot pastrami? It will be one-stop shopping for you when Falling Sky’s Pour House Delicatessen opens at 780 Blair Blvd. in July

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